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(Glades 1973)

If You Were My Woman
Take Me to the Pilot
Willoughbly Grove
Power and the Glory
(Be Yourself) Be Real
So Much Love
For What It's Worth

(They Call It) Stormy Monday


"More, More More"
(Glades 1974)

Ain't Nothing You Can Do
Snap Your Fingers

That's How It Is
Let's Straighten It Out
Ain't Nobody Gonna Make Me Change My Mind
I Don't Know
Put Pride Aside
Every Day I Have the Blues


"Latimore lll "
(Glades 1975)

Keep The Home Fire Burnin'
Qualified Man
Are You Where You Wanna Be
There's A Red-neck In The Soul Band
Ladies' Man
Leave Me Alone
Just One Step
She Don't Ever Lose Her Groove.


"It Ain't Where You Been"
(Glades 1977)

It Ain't Where You Been
Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha
All the Way Lover
Sweet Vibrations

Let's Do It in Slow Motion
Let Me Go
I Get Lifted


"Dig a Little bit Deeper"
(Glades 1978)

Long Distance Love
Out To Get 'Cha
We Got To Hit It Off
Ain't Nothing Like A Sweet Woman's Love
Too Hot To Handle

Dig A Little Deeper
Tonight's The Night


"Getting Down To Brass Tacks"
(Glades 1980)

Take It All
Ain't No Comin' Back
Life of the Party

Take Me to the Mountain Top
Yes We Can
Do It Now

Discoed to Death


"Singing In The Key Of Love"
(Malaco 1982)

Ain't Nothing You Can Do
Baby, Come & Lay Down

Bad Risk
Brother, Doctor, Sister, Nurse
Do That To Me One More Time
Here I Am Again

Let the Doorknob Hit'cha
Let's Get High on Each Other
Singing in the Key of Love


"Good Time Man"
(Malaco 1985)

Cry to Me
Falling to Piece Together
Good Time Man
She Didn't Love Me Like a Lady
Snuggle up with Somebody
Too Crowded in My Bed
Too Thin
Wake Me Up
We Ain't Through Yet


"Every Way But Wrong"
(Malaco 1987)

Second Wind
Put Out Ther' Fire

Every Way But Wrong
Body Shop
This Love Is Real
It Won't Get Better Than This
My Mind Went Blank

Sunshine Lady

There's No Limit to My Love
She's ALL That

"I'll Do Anything For You"
(Malaco 1988)

Hell Fire Lovin'
Out to Lunch
Let's Straighten It Out
Sara Smile
One Shirt, Souless Shoes
We Don't Make Love Anymore

Take Me Down


"Slow Down"
(Malaco 1989)

Slow Down (But Don't Stop)
That's the Way That I Do It
Get Up, Start Dancing
Careful Man
All You'll Ever Need

One Man, One Woman, One Love
Too Many Lovers
Blues Territory

You Still Make Me Feel Good


"The Only Way is Up"
(Malaco 1991)

I Need a Good Woman Bad
Only Way Is Up, The
Take Me to the Mountain Top
If I Wasn't a Gentleman

Home Away from Home, A
It Ain't What's on the Woman
Stop Half Loving These Women
I'm Going to Try to See Her Again

Here Comes That Woman of Mine
Can't Stop


"Catchin' Up"
(Malaco 1993)

Lay Another Log on the Fire
Meet Me in the Middle of the Bed
Skinny Little White Girl
Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
Snatching It Back
Catches up on Love
I Smell a Rat
Shake the Sheets
If I Had Loved You More

Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha

Feed Your Hungry Man
Deal Down and Dirty


"Sweet Vibrations: The Best Of "
(Castle 1995)

(They Call It) Stormy Mon
Ain't Nothin'You Can Do
Snap Your Fingers
Let's Straighten It Out
Keep The Home Fire Burnin
There's A Redneck In The
Qualified Man
It Ain't Where You Been
Something 'Bout You
Sweet Vibrations
I Get Lifted

Dig A Little Deeper
Long Distance Love


"Straighten It Out: The Best Of "
(Rhino 1995)

Stormy Monday
If YOU were My Woman
Let's Straighten It Out
Sanp Your Fingers
Keep the Home Fire Burnin'
There's a Red-Neck in the Soul Band
Qualified Man

Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha
Sweet Vibrations
I Get Lifted

Let Me Live the Life I Love
Dig a Little Deeper
Long Distance Love
Too Hot to Handle
Goodbye Heartache
Discoed to Death


"Turnin' Up The Mood"
(J-Town 1995)

Whoop That Thang on Me
Quiet Time (Turnin' up the Mood)
Little Black Book
I Was Never There for You
Love You Like a Man Possessed
I'll Start All over Again
People Lie
Put Yourself in My Place
'Bout Us
I Want You Back
Love Has Got Me
You Still Move Me


"ALL You'll Ever Need"
(601 Music 1998)

I'm ALL You'll Ever Need
Careful Man
Bad Risk

Feed Your Hungry Man
The Only Way is Up
It's Too Crowded in My Bed
Slow Down (But Don't Stop)
Snuggle up with Somebody
Every Way but Wrong
Deal Down and Dirty


"You're Welcome To Ride"
(Malaco 2000)

Country Woman
You Can Count on Me
Take Me (Just as I Am)
You're Welcome to Ride
You've Still Got the Touch
Midnight Snuggin'
One Love Too Late
Pretty Women
I'm a Married Man
I'm an Old Dog
You're Not Feelin' It


"Latt Is Back"
(Brittney 2003)

Gin and Juice
Around the World
Plain Jane
Man's Job
You're the Reason
Keys to My Door
What Good Is Love
Jump Suit Judy
If She's Gonna Leave


"The Early Years"
(Henry Stone Music 2005)

There She Is
Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Girl I Got News for YOU

The Power and the Glory
It Was So Nice While It Lasted
Move and Groove Together
Love Don't Love Me

Life's Little Ups and Downs
It's Just a Matter of Time
I'm Just an Ordinary Man
I'll be Good to You
I Pity the Fool
Have a Little Faith
I'm a Believer
Rain From the Sky
I Can't Go On


"Back 'Atcha"
Latstone 2007 Listen

Edna Mae
Ghetto Girl
'Nanna Puddin'

I See Love
In the Mist of Making Love
My Give A Damn Gave Out (A Long Time Ago)
Love Hit Me
Wake Up America


"All About The Rhythm & The Blues"
Latstone 2009 Listen

City Life
Drown in My Own Tears

Around the World
Every Day Is a Beautiful Day
Obama and the Fat Man
Don't Give Up on Our Love
Every Day I Have the Blues
Pass the Piano Blues
Singing and Playing the Blues
Mr. Right Now

Around the World - (Remix)


"Live In Vienna"
Latstone 2010 Listen

Take Me To The Mountain Top
Something 'Bout 'Cha

Keep the Home Fores Burnin'
Dig a Little Deeper
Stormy Monday - Everyday I Have The Blues
I Get Lifted
City Life
My Give A Damn Gave Out
Around the World
Let's Straighten It Out (Extended)


"Ladies Choice"
Latstone 2011 Listen

A Woman's Love
Made In America
All Said and Done
Dance With Me
Big Ol' Pretty Girl
Bow Wow (I'm an Old Dog)
Sleeping With the Enemy
Cat Got My Tongue
What You Won't Do for Love


"Henry Stone's Best Of Latimore"
Latstone 2012 Listen

Let’s Straighten It Out (Live)
Around the World

My Give a Damn Gave Out
Take Me to the Mountaintop

Big Ol' Pretty Girl
Bow Wow (I’m an Ol’ Dog)

'Nanna Puddin'
Keep Home Fires Burnin'
I Pity the Fool
Edna Mae
Love Hit Me 
The Power and the Glory
Wake Up America
Cat Goy My Tongue
Stormy Monday


"Remembers Ray Charles"
(Latstone 2013)

I Got A Woman

Georgia On My Mind
Hit the Road, Jack
Unchain My Heart
Drown In My Own Tears
What’d I Say

Crying Time
I Can't Stop Loving You

St. Pete Florida Blues

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